Dakwah Pasca Covid 19

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In preaching, there are important things which are also factors of success or failure of preaching, namely motivation. Motivation is important and the subject of everything. In motivation, it contains three main components, namely moving, directing and supporting human behavior. In other words, motivation directs individual behavior towards a goal to maintain and support the behavior, while the environment must strengthen the intensity and direction of individual encouragement.


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Ahmad Taufik, STAI Bumi Silampari

saya sebagai dosen Tetap di STAI BUMI SILAMPARI LUBUKLINGGAU, sebagai kepala pusat bahasa di STAI BUMI SILAMPARI LUBUKLINGGAU

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Taufik, A. (2020). Dakwah Pasca Covid 19. Jurnal Khabar: Komunikasi Dan Penyiaran Islam, 2(2), 167-175. https://doi.org/10.37092/khabar.v2i2.249