• Taufik Mukmin
  • Fitriyani Fitriyani


This life is basically a diplomatic arena, so that means everyone is a diplomat in their respective levels and environments. There are several other words that are synonymous with the word diplomacy, including negotiation and lobbying. Herb Cohen in his book You Can Negotiate Anything Reveals that "Your world is really a very long list of negotiations, and like it or not, you are a negotiator". The arrival of Muslims to many countries has made an extraordinary social revolution. This is because Muslims and Muslim scholars give "enlightenment not only in terms of spirituality, but also intellectuality to the native population in the area they explore. They" transfer "noble behavior (akhlaq alkarimah) which then becomes a daily habit. From that habit eventually became a culture, and from culture transformed into the most valuable civilization ever known to mankind, a civilization that not only prioritizes physical development, but also mentally, spiritually, and culture (culture) in general. , that they are indebted to Muslims in many ways, especially in the fields of science and research.


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Mukmin, T., & Fitriyani, F. (2020). KEJUJURAN SEBAGAI DASAR KESUKSESAN DIPLOMASI RASULULLAH. Prodising ISID, 1(1), 242-256.

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